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5G Radio L2/L3 Stack Developer

5G Radio L2/L3 Stack Developer Bengaluru, INDIA The innovator’s team at Simnovus is looking for talents with excellent programming skills and knowledge of 4G/5G Radio L2 and L3 layers. Join us in the making of innovative test and measurement tools to validate the Radio Access Network. SKILL Programming Skills: – Languages: C, C++ – Operating System: Linux […]

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IT Administartor

Job Brief: IT administrator role is to ensure smooth functioning of IT infrastructure which includes VMs, routers, switches, firewall, LAN, Internet, servers etc.   Minimum Academic Qualification: B.E. / Diploma / BSc (Computer) with CCNA certification Relevant Experience: 5 years Job Location: Bangalore Job Title: IT Administrator Responsibilities: Installing, Configuring, Troubleshooting and Maintaining the Servers, PC’s,

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Requirements & Years of Experience: Support system Engineer – 2Nos with 3-4 Years of experience. Pre-Sales Lead – 1no. With 5+ years of experience. SME/QA – 1no. With 8-12 years of experience. Industry:  Telecom Technical skills and responsibilities: Must have good understanding of LTE, wireless modem technologies in areas such as Wireless telecom access stratum

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LTE and 5G Course Content SECTION-1: Introduction about wireless technologies SECTION-2: Modulation & Multiple Access Schemes SECTION-3: Introduction to LTE SECTION-4: NAS (Non-Access Stratum) SECTION-5: RRC (Radio Resource Control) SECTION-6: PDCP (Packet Data Convergence Protocol) SECTION-7: RLC (Radio Link Control) SECTION-8: MAC (Medium Access Control) SECTION-9: CS Procedures 5G (NR) Protocol testing Course content (Practical)

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Data Science

Course Content Basic Python Python Introduction & Installation (Anaconda) Basic Operation: Addition Subtraction Multiplication Division. etc Types of Data & Manipulation: List Tuple Set Dictionaries String Numeric Float Boolean. Etc Loops: For While If-else-if NumPy Library & Operation: Introduction to NumPy Array Creation Array Indexing Array Slicing Array Manipulation Pandas Library & Operation: Introduction to

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Linux, Docker, Kubernetes

Courses offered INSTRUCTOR LED TRAINING COURSES 1. Linux 2. Docker 3. Kubernetes Program Curriculum Topic: Linux Duration: 4hrs Table of Contents Introduction to Linux Basic Linux Commands Understanding Bash Scripting Topic: Docker Duration: 12hrs Contents: Docker Introduction to Docker What is Containerization? What is Docker? Use-cases of docker     Docker Concepts A brief history of Docker

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5G Overview and Layer-2 Protocol Testing

5G Overview and Layer-2 Protocol Testing 1- LTE Basic Overview                    5 Hours Architecture, frame structure, DL sync, Uplink Sync Protocol stack call flow in network and inside stack Layer wise functions(Overview) RACH and Paging DL data analysis in test scenarios (PDCCH, PDSCH, HARQ). 2- Introduction to 5G                      1 Hour 5G Evolution 5G Requirements and

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