5G Radio L2/L3 Stack Developer

5G Radio L2/L3 Stack Developer

Bengaluru, INDIA

The innovator’s team at Simnovus is looking for talents with excellent programming skills and knowledge of 4G/5G Radio L2 and L3 layers. Join us in the making of innovative test and measurement tools to validate the Radio Access Network.


  • Programming Skills:
  • – Languages: C, C++
  • – Operating System: Linux
  • – Knowledge of Linux (command line) and shell scripting

Radio Technologies:

  • – Experience with LTE L2 protocal stack – PDCP, RLC, MAC
  • – Experience with LTE L3 protocal stack – RRC, NAS
  • – Experience with LTE TDD and FDD modes of operation
  • – Knowledge of integration with L1 layer
  • – Knowledge of 5G New Radio Protocol is highly preferred

Other traits:

  • – quick learner, willing to take on challenges, thrive in a fast-paced/pressure environment


Responsibilities for the position include but are not limited to:

  • – implementation of MAC, RLC, PDCP and RRC procedures based on TS 38.xx series
  • – integration with external PHY layer

Please send your resume and the link to your LinkedIn profile.

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