May 2021

LTE and 5G Course Content SECTION-1: Introduction about wireless technologies SECTION-2: Modulation & Multiple Access Schemes SECTION-3: Introduction to LTE SECTION-4: NAS (Non-Access Stratum) SECTION-5: RRC (Radio Resource Control) SECTION-6: PDCP (Packet Data Convergence Protocol) SECTION-7: RLC (Radio Link Control) SECTION-8: MAC (Medium Access Control) SECTION-9: CS Procedures 5G (NR) Protocol testing Course content (Practical) […]

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Data Science

Course Content Basic Python Python Introduction & Installation (Anaconda) Basic Operation: Addition Subtraction Multiplication Division. etc Types of Data & Manipulation: List Tuple Set Dictionaries String Numeric Float Boolean. Etc Loops: For While If-else-if NumPy Library & Operation: Introduction to NumPy Array Creation Array Indexing Array Slicing Array Manipulation Pandas Library & Operation: Introduction to

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